About Us

 Broad Art was established by Andrew and Megan Broadbent in their endeavour to share art that is thoughtful, visually engaging, crafted to a high quality and supportive of local, emerging artists. Their goal in building their business is to connect artists with collectors who are seeking art that inspires, challenges and engages them at affordable prices. 

Megan is an artist, educator and mother of two. Her photographic work has developed over many years of exploring various landscapes around Australia and across the world, with a particular interest in notions of passing time and symbolic representations of transitions in life. Megan’s work has exhibited in variety of shows and has been recognised as a semi-finalist in prestigious Australian competitions such as the Head On Photo Prize and the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. 
Andrew is a committed advocator for the creative arts. He works in a variety of businesses and is a proud father of two. Andrew is passionate about the use of technology to improve processes and enhance customer experience. Observing the glaring gap in the market for affordable, gallery-quality art, he developed a plan to offer a platform to emerging artists a way to connect with their buyers.

 If you are interested in joining Broad Art as an artist, and are not represented by any galleries, we invite you to submit a selection of your work and a brief description of your practice to info@broadart.com.au.